Want to make smoky, aromatic chicken tikka at the comfort of your home? For that you need a great chicken tikka recipe and full-proof tips and tricks that will ensure that you accomplish just what you want. To help you achieve the best, this article focuses on the tips and tricks that must be followed when making chicken tikka at home.

https://chicken-rice.store One of the most incredible dishes of Indian cuisine is chicken tikka masala; it is surely a favourite for many people. Chicken tikka recipe is basically the cubes of a chicken and these cubes are cooked into making something very delicious.

The masala which is added in the chicken tikka makes it finger licking good and this can be served with roti as well as naan. It is lovely to have chicken tikka with butter nun specially. The taste has certain authenticity in it and it is well popular in India as well as outside India.

It has great demand in Britain, people staying there are fond of the spicy flavour that this chicken tikka have. It has a very delightful touch of masala in it and most people use garam masala to make this dish more enticing. Commercial curry powder is also used on most occasions; basic Indian ingredients such as turmeric, chilli powder, coriander are added in great proportion. If one can grind spices to make the masala, it will be great. But if not that, then commercial powder can also do.

Steps to Prepare Chicken Tikka Recipe:

It can be served with basmati rice as well. One can surprise their loved ones by preparing chicken tikka recipe by following certain necessary steps. These steps will help in better understanding of the recipe for everyone.

It mainly requires a time period of maximum 1 hour; first 30 minutes to mix all the ingredients with the cubes of chicken and then slowly with passage of time it will cook itself within any garlic press. One of the main ingredients is 3-4 tea spoon of curry powder.
Garlic is another important ingredient; it basically sets the mood for a great recipe and the smell mainly comes from that garlic only. The garlic needs to be crushed properly. People also add juice of lemon to make the curry ore thickening.
It is very important to have boneless chicken; mostly chicken thighs are the best to have. Initially they should be marinated with curry powder, garlic paste and the juice of lemon for certain period of time.
The marinate should be kept as it is for at least 2 hours and in the meantime make the sauce by using onions and remaining garlic. Add some yogurt and passata when the onions are becoming soft and brown.
The above steps will definitely help any individual cook chicken tikka recipe for them as well as their family. This is a great dish for lunch and dinner. Serve it with naan or rice accordingly.

The author is a food blogger; he is interested in letting people know about the basic steps to prepare chicken tikka masala.

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