Labels are a very common tool to promote and advertise your brand name which can be found commonly in the products of the company. Be it a bread manufacturing company or company making beer name it and you will find labels in form of stickers, paper labels, self Filmic and price stickers on the product. There are different type of labels used by the company depending upon the requirement and the nature of products. The most important question arises is which type of label is to be used in the product?

There are different types of labels like paper and self adhesive labellings. Paper labels-sticker being the oldest and cheapest form of labels are commonly used by the small companies as they are not able to afford the expensive adhesive labels. Adhesive labels are also found in different types. There difference mainly lies in the type of adhesive used and back liners than are available from permanent to low tack. Obviously every company wants the best adhesive labels to advertise and promote there brand names. Many company uses permanent adhesives for there labels so that there brand should be promoted for the longer period giving extra eye balls however permanent adhesive has its own disadvantages also as they are difficult to remove leaving some leftovers still glued if tried to remove. Permanent adhesives are majorly used for the products which are round in shape. On the contrary temporary labels are easy to remove without leaving any leftover behind. These labels are used by the company whose products are flat in shape. Zebra Labels

Environment also plays a key role when deciding type of label to use. If your product is used for outdoor display or are prone to direct sunlight than paper labellings are not made for you. Adhesive are best for these type of products and you can also get varieties of colors and materials to be used in Metallized giving an add on feature to company to customize there adhesive labels as per there requirement and choice.


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