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Lower Back Pain From Falls – Natural Treatments

Sprained ligaments, ruptured inter-vertebral discs and lacerated muscles that may result from a fall may be painful. For so long as the accident did not result in any fractures on bones, with the correct physical therapy treatments and exercise, the pain may be relieved. Although anti-pain medication may initially be administered to the patient, the use of these drugs may not be recommendable, especially if the administration is not done with the permission of a licensed physician. ใบเจียร

On the whole, even doctors themselves are wary of the undesirable side-effects of most pain killers on the human body. Along this line, they prefer to recommend some form of administered physical therapy or exercise to relieve pain from falls that did not involve bone fractures.

The most common causes of pain from accidents are torn spinal discs. These spinal discs are located between the bones of the spinal column and they allow the spine to be moved and bent without the bones of the spine grinding against each other. Damage to these discs may cause gelatinous material to exude into the spinal canal. Because these intrusions will exert pressure on the nerves running through the spinal canal, they may cause considerable pain to the patient.

A combination of the right stretching and spine squeezing exercises should be enough to force the gelatinous intrusions to be dislocated and to be flushed by the blood out of the spinal canal, thus relieving the patient of his pain.

Additionally, exercises that stretch the muscles and nerves in the affected area will serve to loosen any scar tissue that may have grown around are irritating nerves in the affected area. By pulling these muscles and nerves and constantly moving them, any overgrowth of scar tissue will eventually be shaken off and stop the nerves in the area from being constricted and from producing pain.


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